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How to stay strong in Long Distance Relationship

    A long distance relationship can be tough, depending on how far apart you and your partner live. Time and space can either make a relationship stronger or force a wedge between two lovers. If your relationship is solid to begin with, the chance of making a long distance love work is far greater than doing it when the relationship has issues. However, there are steps to take that can make a long distance relationship last and even create a stronger bond between partners than a relationship where two lovers spend all their time together.

Guidelines on How to remain powerful in Long Distance Relationship

1.Make the rules and boundaries of the relationship known ahead of time before the distance becomes an issue.
-By rules, I mean what you and your partner are willing to accept from each other and what your not.

2.Stay in touch with your partner often to make a long distance relationship flourish.

-Try to talk every day or at least every few days so that you don’t grow apart. 

Talking often will help the long distance relationship feel as if your closer in region than you really are.

3.Make it a point to spend time with your partner as often as you can, even though the distance might make it difficult.

-A long distance relationship will have trouble if neither partner sees each other for a long time. You may find that you are not able to deal with the loneliness of being without someone. Sometimes, unfortunately, too much time apart can make the heart wander rather than grow fonder. No matter how you have to make a plan to see each other in the long distance relationship, even if for a day, try to schedule a way to do it. Both partners can compromise so that travel is not an issue.

4.Use old fashioned means of communication to stay close in a long distance relationship.

-Text messaging and email are not always enough to make the bonds of a relationship stronger. A computer or phone will never take the place of your long distance partner. It’s important that you hear each others’ voices, write each other letters, and even send each other pictures (yes, in the mail) to keep the long distance relationship close. Communicating through old fashioned ways can help to make both partners feel as if they don’t live so far away from each other.

5.Keep the romance alive in a long distance relationship.

 -Send each other sweet letters, e-cards, or even sexy picture messages to help keep the passion in a long distance relationship. You could even send a care package to your partner full of loving things that remind him of you such as a shirt of yours sprayed with your perfume, his favorite chocolate candies, homemade cookies you baked, or souveniers of a sentimental moment you both shared together

Do something romantic for your partner often to keep the passion alive in a long distance relationship. Sharing things little things that only the two of you know about will help to make the time apart go faster until you can see each other again.


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